Die Vielen (The Many)

Die Vielen

With the growing self-confidence of various far-right parties in Europe, the attacks against artistic freedom have also become more massive in recent years. Parties such as the FPÖ or the AfD are increasingly trying to influence art and cultural institutions. DIE VIELEN (THE MANY) is an association of artists and around four thousand different cultural institutions in Germany and Austria who stand as a platform of solidarity against right-wing propaganda and violence and are committed to supporting each other when artists or institutions are threatened or pressured.
DIE VIELEN (THE MANY) organise national actions, demonstrations and various events that oppose hatred and promote coexistence with open borders – both internally and externally. Debates within the theatre and art scene are proving contentious. The association acts as an active network and provides platforms for networking.



Erklärung der Vielen (Declaration of The Many), 2020
Aktion zum Schutz des Denkmals der im Nationalsozialismus ermordeten Sinti und Roma Europas
(Action to protect the monument of Sinti and Roma murdered during time of National-socialism), Berlin, 2020
Marathonlesung der Erklärung der Vielen in München 2019
Wiener Erklärung der Vielen: Alternative Europahymne der Vielen
Glänzende Aktionstage der Vielen (Action Days), 2020