ANNA CLARA BASILICÒ ° Assemblying for climate justice

X. The Politics of Multitude (Antonio Negri, Anna Clara Basilicò & Marco Baravallle)
X. The Politics of Multitude (Antonio Negri, Anna Clara Basilicò & Marco Baravallle)

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Assuming the methodological and theoretical frame of the assembly as meant by Negri and Hardt, it is possible to look at climate justice as a terrain for singularity to merge into the multitude. In doing so, the speech deals with the complexity of the category of environmental justice, understood as the milieu able to organize and comprehend intersectional struggles (social and racial justice, gender justice, antispeciesism).

With regard to the concept of “assembly as strategy”, it is discussed the opportunity for climate justice movement to assemble in order to avoid neoliberalism’s reactionary push towards the so called green economy or sustainable development. Paradigm’s shift towards common care, anthropocentrism criticism and freedom with solidarity is the reference point of climate justice movements and such are premises that might reply to the need for abiding revolutionary institutions.


Anna Clara Basilicò is an activist for climate justice and an active member of the network Rise Up 4 Climate Justice. She collaborates with and she took part in several climate meetings and direct actions promoted by movements on a European level. She is currently enrolled as PhD student at University of Padua and Ca’ Foscari University, Department of History, Anthropology and Geography, and her work focuses on the social history of prison and of prison writings under the Inquisitorial power. 


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