ANNE HAHN ° Pogo on the Altar – Punk in the GDR

INFO: Due to copy rights this podcast episode is no longer available.

Punk in the GDR was characterised by a search for freedom and self-assertion that, unlike in neighbouring countries in the West, often led to the churches. Punk in the GDR became political because politics, police and state security reacted martially to the phenomenon. To show punk, to live punk, was a threat to freedom, yet until 1989 an entirely detached generation staged its dazzling riot for a good ten years. One of them, who was part of the “Party totalitär” (“totalitarian party”) in the last phase, looks back reflectively.



Punk in the GDR

Anne Hahn, born in 1966 in Magdeburg where she later organised punk concerts and lost her job for political reasons. In 1989 she was arrested during an attempt to flee from Azerbaijan to Iran. After her prison term, she settled in Berlin, studied and has been publishing portraits, reportages and novels since 1999. She processed her experiences of the fall of the Wall in Gegenüber von China (Opposite China), a novel published by Ventil Verlag Mainz in 2014. Together with Frank Willmann, she has written several non-fiction books dedicated to coming to terms with subcultural currents in the GDR – currently they are working on football and nationalism.  

Videos (in German)

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