MICHAEL HARDT ° Strategic Multiplicities

The Art of Assembly
The Art of Assembly
XXIV: Interwoven Bodies (with Michael Hardt, Michael Kliën, Pedro Lasch, Corina Stan & Florian Malzacher)

Revolutionary movements in the late 1960s and early 1970s experimented with constructing political multiplicities. In this lecture Michael Hardt puts a focus focus on the strategic conditions necessary for those multiplicities to survive and be effective, e.g. the set of student organizations that conducted strikes at universities in California and New York, calling themselves the Third World Liberation Front.  These Fronts included organizations of Black students, Chinese students, Mexican students, and others. Hardt’s primary interest is how these groups strategically created the conditions necessary for racial multiplicities such that there was no priority or hierarchy among the different component groups. 


Michael Hardt teaches political theory in the Literature Program at Duke University.  He is co-author of several books with Antonio Negri, including Empire.  His most recent books are The Subversive Seventies and (with Sandro Mezzadra) Bolivia Beyond the Impasse.  Together with Sandro Mezzadra he hosts The Social Movements Lab


”Laboratory Italy: Revolution and Civil War in Italy in the 1970s” (Lecture, 2022)
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“The Leadership Problem” (Lecture, 2014)