CLAUDIA BOSSE ° Assemble in Choirs

Claudia Bosse "Die Perser" © Christian Bort
IV: Choirs of Precarity & Power (Claudia Bosse, The Church of Stop Shopping, Alia Mossallam & Florian Malzacher)
IV: Choirs of Precarity & Power (Claudia Bosse, The Church of Stop Shopping, Alia Mossallam & Florian Malzacher)

Choir is also a gathering of different interests that approach each other over a period of time, negotiating their differences, experiences and understandings.
Sharing, articulating. not always with words, but with actions in a physical articulation in space, space-grasping.
A connection to others, previously unfamiliar, is created.
Society and play at the same time.

And they do not always have to be themselves, but can explore and invent themselves – as an empowerment of their own imagination and by creating, disturbing, challenging communal situations.

The gathering as a chorus, as an SUSPEND or EXPOSITION of oneself with others.
An encounter in a mindful, productive and temporary dependence, as a commitment to one another. The condition for this SUSPENSE or EXPOSITION makes one’s own body recognizable.

In this EXAMINATION, attention to different bodies and experiences is part of the practice. A making porous of bodies, listening, breathing, and intimacy with others, who in this case are mostly human.


Claudia Bosse lives in Vienna and Berlin, is a director, choreographer, artist and director of theatercombinat. Her works deal with forms of violence, history and concrete utopias. As the “art of a temporary community”, she understands her spatial choreographies, in which she interweaves myths, rituals, texts and documents with bodies, language, objects and choirs to create space-specific pieces. Within and outside Europe, in museums, architecture, theatres and urban spaces, she develops works and interventions. She teaches, publishes and participates in research projects. Since 2011, installation works have also been created that deal with archives and museum collections. Claudia Bosse recently showed her first solo ORACLE and SACRIFICE 1 oder die evakuierung der gegegwart at Tanzquartier Wien and in Düsseldorf and the last IDEAL PARADISE in Jakarta, which was previously shown at the Deutsche Tanzplattform 2018 in Essen.


coriolan (Wien, 2007)
the last IDEAL PARADISE (Düsseldorf, 2016)
die perser (Braunschweig, 2008)
Dominant Powers (Tunis, 2012)