XXV: Assemblies of Individuals – Live Work in Non-Performance Spaces (with Mette Edvardsen, Tino Sehgal & Florian Malzacher)
XXIV: Interwoven Bodies (with Michael Hardt, Michael Kliën, Pedro Lasch, Corina Stan & Florian Malzacher)
XXIII: Gathering (in the) Cloud. Digital Performance Beyond Zoom (with Kent Bye, Jaamil Olawale Kosoko, Sarah Rothberg & Florian Malzacher)
XXII: Provoke me if you can. The crisis of artistic disturances (with Núria Güell, Renzo Marten & Florian Malzacher)

INFO: Due to copy rights the episode XXI is no longer available.

XX: Nous Accusons! People’s Tribunals between Politics, Activism & Art (with Lisa Ito-Tapang / Concerned Artists of the Philippines, Wolfgang Kaleck / ECCHR, Madlyn Sauer & Florian Malzacher)
XIX: Safe vs. Brave? Art between Sanctuary and Confrontation (with Miriam Ibrahim, Edit Kaldor, Ingo Niermann / Army of Love & Florian Malzacher)
XVIII: Body Next to Body: Gathering Masses in Sport Events (with Z. Blace, Caitlin Davis Fisher, Michael Gabriel & Florian Malzacher)
XVII: Assembling Knowledge (Satu Herrala, Lotte van den Berg, Ahmet Öğüt & Florian Malzacher)
XVI: Shifting Power. When Grassroots Movements Win Elections (Athena Athanasiou, Teodor Celakoski, Marcelo Expósito & Florian Malzacher)
XV: Parliaments of Things and Beings (Eva von Redecker, Alexander Karschnia/andcompany&Co. & Florian Malzacher)
XIV: Audience as Allies, Witnesses, and Enemies (Claire Bishop, Tania Bruguera, Ann Liv Young & Florian Malzacher
XIII. Designing Politics. Architectures of Deliberation and Decision-Making (Markus Miessen, David Mulder van der Vegt & Florian Malzcher
XII: Pitfalls of Representation – Assemblies in Theatre (Milo Rau, School of Resistance & The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination & Florian Malzacher)