Sahar Rahimi
„Mummy, What Are the Rules of Theater?“

Glenn Bech
I No Longer Recognise Your Authority

Julia Wissert
Get Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

Fabio Cervi
Listening Back

Atiyyah Khan
How Jazz Musicians Fought Against Apartheid

Brandon LaBelle
On Acoustic Justice

Xenia Koghilaki
What a Body Can Do in the Mosh Pit


Mette Edvardsen
Soft Spaces

Corina Stan
On Tact as a Political Category

Pedro Lasch
Collective Citizenship. What Are We Before We Are Naturalized?

Michael Hardt
Strategic Multiplicities

SARAH ROTHBERG ° Interfacing as Art

Kent Bye
VR Presence & Live Immersive Performance Trends

jaamil olawale kosoko
American Chameleon. The Living Installments

Renzo Martens
Building a World with Critique

Núria Güell
When Morality Becomes Immoral

Anne Hahn
Pogo on the Altar. Punk in the GDR

Reyhan Şahin aka Lady Bitch Ray
Siktir lan amına Germany, Bend Over!

Phil Collins
Bring Down the Walls

Lisa Ito-Tapang
On Trial. The Performance of Justice

Madlyn Sauer
The NSU-Tribunals: Without Law, but with Justice

Wolfgang Kaleck
Juridical and Civil Society Tribunals. The Example of the Congo Tribunal

Ingo Niermann
Army of Love

Miriam Ibrahim
A Personal Insight. Deconstructing Toxic Structures in Theatre

Edit Kaldor
Beyond Control (Learning from Powerlessness)

Z. Blace
Queering Sport (Events)

Caitlin Fisher
Post Play

Michael Gabriel
Stubborn and Independent: The Ultras

Lotte van den Berg
Building Conversation

Satu Herrala
Embodying Collective Action

Ahmet Öğüt
The Silent University

Athena Athanasiou
Shifting the Conditions of Possibility

Marcelo Expósito
The (Forever Postponed) Dream of a Real Democracy

Teodor Celakoski
Možemo! Step by Step

Eva von Redecker
The Assembly is Dead

The Ant of Assembly

Claire Bishop
Revisting Participation

Ann Liv Young
Coming too Close

Tania Brugurea
Truth or Dare

David Mulder van der Vegt
The Architecture of Assembly

Markus Miessen

Isabelle Fremeaux & Jay Jordan / Labofii
Compos(t)ing Together to actually do shit!

School of Resistance
Assembling Political Power

Milo Rau
From symbolic Institutions to Microecologies

Merve Bedir
Hospitality and the Politics of the Floor Table

Marina Otero Verzier
Architectures of Unconditional Hospitality

Benjamin Foerster-Baldenius / raumlaborberlin
Hospitality as Spacial Practice

Anna Clara Basilicó
Assemblying for Climate Justice

Antonio Negri
The Politics of Multitude

Sarah Waterfeld / Staub zu Glitzer
Art After All

Nora Sternfeld
What is a Radical-Democratic Museum?

Ahmed Al-Nawas
Parallel Economies of Thinking Together

Max Haiven
The Ghosts of Occupy. Notes on a Haunted Decade, in the Spirit of David Graeber?

Judith Butler
Where are We Now? Assembly, Care, and Connection

Didier Eribon
How and When Can We Say „We“? On Social Protest and Political Dissent

Chantal Mouffe
Towards an Agonistic Conception of Assembly

Radha d'Souza
Crows, Covid and Reflections on Assembling

Sibylle Peters
Reassembling Humanz & Other Animals

Eduard Freudmann & Gin Müller
Schandwache. Vigil of Disgrace

Die Vielen
We Are Many

Alia Mossallam
To Chant the Worlds Away. The Anatomy of the 2011 Revolution

Claudia Bosse
Assemble in Choirs

The Church of Stop Shopping
Singing Toward Assembly

Jodi Dean
Which Side is the Freedom Side?

Jonas Staal

Oliver Ressler
Voices to Reckon with

Julia Ramírez-Blanco
Assembly as Performance. The Mass Assemblies of the 15M Movement

Florian Malzacher
Spheres of Pragmatic Utopias and Radical Imagination. The Art of Assembly

Dana Yahalomi
Body Next to Body. The Practice of Being Together

Oliver Marchart
Future Politics / Political Futures. Pre-enacting the Cause for Assembly