OLIVER MARCHART ° Future Politics / Political Futures. Pre-enacting the Cause for Assembly

"Dancing in the Streets" (2011) © Eyal Vexler

Do we assemble for a cause or for reasons? What is the nature of a political cause? What is it that brings us together? And why does a true political cause issue from the future? Provided there is a future after the end of futurity. The notion of pre-enactment may point to an answer.


Oliver Marchart is a political theorist who teaches at the University of Vienna. He works in the fields of political ontology, democratic theory and art theory. His most recent books include: Conflictual Aesthetics. Artistic Activism and the Public Sphere (Sternberg 2019) and Thinking Antagonism. Political Ontology after Laclau (Edinburgh UP 2018).

Oliver Marchart was a guest of Gesellschaftsspiele: The Art of Assembly I. Assembly as a pre-enactment on January 23rd (online-event hosted by brut Wien)


Oliver Marchart. “Being Agitated – Agitated Being“, introductory essay from the book „Conflictual Aesthetics“


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