The Church of Stop Shopping ° Singing Toward Assembly

The Chruch of Stop Shopping © Savitri D

Savitri D explores some of the intersections between Assembly and Song through her work as Director of the Stop Shopping Choir, using mostly casual video and audio recordings she relates the experience of song and singing to the formation of Assemblies and Movement Building.


The Stop Shopping Choir is a radical performance community based in New York City, they are from many different creative and activist backgrounds and reflect many communities and homelands. The Choir has evolved a very particular sound and performance experience from the synthesis of their lived experience. The choir is grounded in the work of Justice and in service to the Earth. They love to sing together.

Savitri D is an activist. She is the director of Reverend Billy & The Stop Shopping Choir a 50 person radical performance community based in New York City. Since 2001 she has staged direct actions, interventions and spectacles in contested space all over the world and collaborated with communities to create paths of resistance and resilience.  Most recently she has been deeply involved in issues of immigration, extinction and fossil fuel extraction.
She has lectured and led workshops on the topic of creative resistance at Universities & Festivals for more than 15 years and frequently offers trainings for activists in New York City. The Church of Stop Shopping is the recipient of an Obie Award, the Alpert award on the Arts and the Edwin Booth Award in Theater.

Reverend Billy is a writer and performer. He developed the character Reverend Billy in response to the Disneyfication of New York City in the late 90’s and has been active in movements opposing Consumerism in its broadest sense, especially Neo liberal economies and Militarism. Currently he is creating a weekly radio show Reverend Billy Radio and a LIVE! Talk show, Extinction Talk Radio.