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The Art of Assembly
The Art of Assembly
XXVI: Impacts of Sound – Sounds of Impact (Fabio Cervi / Earshot, Atiyyah Khan, Brandon LaBelle, Xenia Koghilakil & Florian Malzacher)

Earshot is the world’s first not-for-profit organisation to develop a specialised field of audio forensics for open-source investigations. With cutting-edge audio analysis techniques, they add a crucial and unexplored dimension to the fields of human rights and environmental advocacy.
Open-source investigative practice has thus far been groundbreaking in terms of image and spatial analysis, but half of the story is left untold in the soundtrack. Earshot specializes in acoustic traces, bringing to view the other half of the story, that which lies outside of the cameras frame. They work with non-governmental international human rights, humanitarian and legal organisations, journalists and independent media, activists, and grassroots communities as well as academic and cultural institutions to make comprehensive sonic investigations and produce groundbreaking research specifically tailored for communities affected by corporate, state, and environmental injustices.

Part of Episode XXVI: “Impacts of Sound – Sounds of Impact”
With Fabio Cervi, Atiyyah Khan, Brandon LaBelle, Xenia Koghilaki & Florian Malzacher

30. November 2023 – Black Box Teater Oslo / Norway
In partnership with Ultima, Black Box Teater and Astrup Fearnley Museum. Supported by the EEA Grants and Norwegian Financial Mechanisms as part of Transmissions, coordinated by Onassis Stegi


Assistant Audio Investigator at Earshot, Fabio Cervi completed a master’s degree in architecture from the Royal College of Art, where he explored 3D acoustic and environmental syntheses that employed pioneering technologies of sound visualisation and virtual acoustic simulations. With expertise spanning both architecture and music technology, Fabio has further conducted specialised coursework in Forensic Audio Enhancement at the University of Colorado.

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