XXIV: Interwoven Bodies
With Michael Hardt, Michael Kliën, Pedro Lasch, Corina Stan & Florian Malzacher

How do we deliberate before and beyond language, how do we create relations without words, how are our bodies determined by the spaces we are in? The 25th edition of The Art of Assembly takes place in the context of Michael Kliën’s Parliament, a social choreography in which citizen-performers work in silence to hold council amidst the elemental phenomena and fundamental concerns of collectively lived experience. Political philosopher and literature theorist Michael Hardt together with Antonio Negri coined the term Multitude, describing a „multiplicity of singularities acting together“: a network that is neither homogeneous nor self-identical. Visual artist Pedro Lasch, director of the Social Practice Lab at Duke University, works with choreographies of festive gatherings, multiplatform social communication, and other artworks created through interaction. Literature scholar Corina Stan shows that relations are not only constructed by proximity but also by interpersonal distances that have shaped ethical thinking throughout modernity.

The Art of Assembly
The Art of Assembly
XXIV: Interwoven Bodies (Michael Hardt, Michael Kliën, Pedro Lasch, Corina Stan & Florian Malzacher)
19. September 2023 - Van der Heyden Theatre, Duke University, NC / USA
In partnership with Center for Social Choreography / Duke University