X: The Politics of Multitude
With Antonio Negri, Anna Clara Basilicò & Marco Baravalle

Multitude is a „multiplicity of singularities acting together“ (Antonio Negri/Michael Hardt), „the many, seen as being many“ (Paolo Virno): a network that is neither homogeneous nor self-identical. The concept of the multitude is a counterproposal to the idea of the people, a revolutionary subject that is difficult to grasp or to define – and has been both praised and criticized for this openness. The 10th edition of The Art of Assembly looks at the role of the assembly as a tool and strategy for the multitude to make decisions and to communicate. Political theorist Antonio Negri revisits the concept he – together with Michael Hardt – popularized in the early 2000s while climate activist Anna Clara Basilicò looks at its potential for current movements. 

Italian Version

The Art of Assembly
The Art of Assembly
X: The Politics of Multitude (Antonio Negri, Anna Clara Basilicò & Marco Baravalle)
8. November 2021 - Laboratorio Occupato Morion, Venice / Italy
In collaboration with Goethe Institut: Performing Architecture