Sahar Rahimi „Mummy, What Are the Rules of Theater?“

Sahar Rahimi - What are the Rules of Theatre?

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The Art of Assembly
The Art of Assembly
XXVII: The Arts as Playground for the Urban White Middle Class? (Glenn Bech, Sahar Rahimi, Julia Wissert & Florian Malzacher)

„Mummy, what are the rules of theater?“ asked my little daughter some days ago, sending me into a dizzying spiral of memories of my theatre career to date. I stuttered some obvious phrases, knowing that she had actually asked the most difficult question a theater maker can be asked: As we all know, there is no bible for theater-making, no guidebook handed to you as soon as you begin your studies. Yet these rules are present and strong, they are repeated, rehearsed and reassured, they are invisible, implicit, and violent. They sit among the bricks in the walls of the institutions, they sit in the rehearsal studios and in the director’s offices, they sit inside our bodies when we move and, on our minds, and tongues, when we speak.
What I could honestly tell her was that the most fun, challenging and enlightening experiences I’ve had in theatre have been the ones where I’ve broken the rules or played with them. My daughter was not satisfied: “Mummy, you have to obey the rules!” she said and turned back to her dolls, continuing her “father, mother, child” game.

Part of Episode XXVII: “The Arts as Playground for the Urban White Middle Class”
With Glenn Bech, Sahar Rahimi, Julia Wissert & Florian Malzacher

19. March 2024 – Teatret Svalegangen, Aarhus / Denmark
In coproduction with Aarhus University, Dramaturgy Department, Teatret Svalegangen & Aarhus Teater. Supported by Goethe-Institut Denmark


Sahar Rahimi, born in Tehran, is a theater director, performance artist and author. Her work moves between theater, performance, installation and video art. She studied at the Institute for Applied Theater Studies in Giessen, Germany and is co-founder of the performance group Monster Truck. The group received the prestigious Tabori Prize in 2019. In recent years Rahimi staged several plays and performances in theaters across Europe: in 2021 the dance piece The Ship of Fools in collaboration with the inclusive dance company Platform K at NT Gent, Belgium, in 2022 the performance WOLFat Ballhaus Ost, Berlin. In the same year she premiered the play MILF and in 2023 The Persians, both at Theater Basel. In 2024 Rahimi staged the play 1000 Eyes at Schauspielhaus Vienna. Currently she is living with her family in Munich, Germany.

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